LEGO Väinämöinen Coastal Defence Ship

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LEGO Väinämöinen Coastal Defense Ship

We couldn’t leave the LEGO Ilmarinen Finnish Coastal Defense Ship all along in the docks without her sister ship: the LEGO Väinämöinen. Now you download the LEGO Väinämöinen Coastal Defense Ship from Finland created by The Bobby Brix Channel!

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The Väinämöinen Coastal Defence Ship

Väinämöinen was a Finnish coastal defense ship, the sister ship of the Finnish Navy’s flagship Ilmarinen and also the first ship of her class. She was built at the Crichton-Vulcan shipyard in Turku and was launched in 1932. Following the end of the Continuation War, Väinämöinen was handed over to the Soviet Union as war reparations and renamed Vyborg. The ship remained in Soviet hands until her scrapping in 1966.

Source: Wikipedia Article


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