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LEGO® RMS Carpathia MOC


The RMS Carpathia is the second ship chosen for Ocean Julyner Month. Although it’s no ocean liner, it had a crucial role in saving the survivors from the most famous ship sinking event in history. The RMS Carpathia was the closest ship to respond to the SOS rescue signal from the RMS Titanic and managed to save 705 survivors on April 11, 1912.

One important thing to note about this LEGO MOC is the scale. Making it at 1:1400 would have required using thinner LEGO bar (levers) for the masts. Instead I kept the size at 17cm length but at a scale of 1:1000 instead. If you are interested in seeing a smaller version at a 1:1400 scale (relative to my RMS Titanic MOC), I might make a poll for the community to vote! So let me know in the comments below!

The Bobby Brix Channel 2022.

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