LEGO Kongo Battleship


LEGO Kongo Battleship

The LEGO Kongo Battleship is a mini scaled model created by The Bobby Brix Channel. It is now available to download on the official website of The Bobby Brix Channel!

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The Kongo Battleship

Kongō was a warship of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War I and World War II. She was the first battle cruiser of the Kongō class, among the most heavily armed ships in any navy when built. She was formally commissioned in 1913, and patrolled off the Chinese coast during World War I.

Kongō underwent two major reconstructions. Beginning in 1929, the Imperial Japanese Navy rebuilt her as a battleship, strengthening her armor and improving her speed and power capabilities. In 1935, her superstructure was completely rebuilt, her speed was increased, and she was equipped with launch catapults for float-planes.

Kongō fought in a large number of major naval actions of the Pacific War during World War II.

Kongō participated in the Battle of the Philippine Sea and the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, engaging and sinking American vessels in the latter. Kongō was torpedoed and sunk by the submarine USS Sealion while transiting the Formosa Strait on 21 November 1944.

She was the only Japanese battleship sunk by submarine in the Second World War, and the last battleship sunk by submarine in history.

Source: Wikipedia Article


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