LEGO Kirov Battlecruiser 1941 Version


LEGO Kirov Battlecruiser 1941 Version

To commemorate the grand day of 8th/9th May defining the end of World War 2 the Bobby Brix Channel has made a very special ship: the LEGO Kirov Battle-cruiser. Why so special you might ask? Because it went on serving the Soviet Navy after so many battles it has gone through. Download this model for free and enjoy!

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The Kirov Battlecruiser

The Kirov-class (Project 26) cruisers were a class of six cruisers built in the late 1930s for the Soviet Navy. After the first two ships, armor protection was increased and subsequent ships are sometimes called the Maxim Gorky class. These were the first large ships built by the Soviets from the keel up after the Russian Civil War, and they were derived from the Italian cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli, being designed with assistance from the Italian Ansaldo company. Two ships each were deployed in the Black and Baltic Seas during World War II, while the last pair was still under construction in the Russian Far East and saw no combat during the war. The first four ships bombarded Axis troops and facilities after the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. All six ships survived the war and lingered until the 1970s in training and other secondary roles before being scrapped.

Source: Wikipedia Article


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