LEGO® Casabianca (Q183) Submarine MOC

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The french navy made it very confusing when they named their submarines. There are actually 2 Redoutable classes, one being an older 1930’s diesel-powered class, the other being nuclear-powered. But there are also 2 Casabianca-named submarines! One belonging to the older Redoutable-class and the other being part of the Rubis-class.

I am planning on making the nuclear Redoutable-Class as it was requested by one of my fans, but in the mean time you can get a look on this submarine with a pretty unique story…

All in all, it is built at a 1:500 scale and is to scale with the Gato-Class Submarine and the U-505 Submarine.

The Bobby Brix Channel 2021.

This product contains a fully detailed instructions book with a parts list.

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Casabianca (Q183) was a Redoutable-class submarine of the French Navy. The class is also known as the “1500-ton class” and were termed in French de grande patrouille. She was named after Luc-Julien-Joseph Casabianca. Launched in 1935, she entered service in 1936. She escaped from Toulon during the scuttling of the fleet there on 27 November 1942, and continued in service with the Allied forces. Casabianca, commanded by Capitaine de frégate Jean l’Herminier, had a role in the liberation of Corsica, and was an important link between occupied France and the Free French government based in Algiers.

Casabianca was one of only five of the 31 Redoutable-class submarines to survive the Second World War.

Source: Wikipedia

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